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Welcome Welcome to the Official DW Moffett Website
Hello Folks: My name is Donald Warren Moffett and for reasons too obscure or banal to delve into, I go by D.W. Moffett in my chosen profession. Acting is a passion of mine, but not my only one, as you will hopefully discover wandering about these pages. I have established this web-site to open up a line of communication with people who view, have viewed, may one day view, never-ever-in-their-lives-will-ever view my body of work and care to know/share a little about/with me.

This site will never be a marketplace. You may find me recommending books, movies, carpets, cities, countries...whatever...but you may rest assured they will always be from the heart.

Lastly, if you care to post your thoughts I will accept all submissions written with honesty and (hopefully) some insight and wit. Acidic garbage will not make the cut.

Hope you enjoy the ride,
D.W. Moffett

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